About Us

TicklerMAG™ was created by two media communication experts who started the project on a simple marketing concept “One happy reader is an easy consumer” Too often, in the today’s media, an advertisement is visually “Connected” to bad news, because in fact, those ones are representing more than 90% of the ones daily published online or in your favorite newspapers. Indeed, and unfortunately, if your ad is just beside the announcement of an Earth-quake which killed 200 people, want it or not, your business will be assimilated to this news, since the brain perception principle works as a global one, and then, you will probably not have the expected result on your unfortunate investment.

The need is not enough any more…

Advertisements are everywhere more than ever and under any form possible. They are killing themselves and each other by a principle of overdose. You know, as we know, that the consumers are literally submerged by commercial propositions on a daily basis, there is even some publications which are “Only” dedicated to ads or coupons, without any content or any editorial line… Who’s reading that? Except the coupons collector, the ones looking for freebies or the lowest special offer ever promoted. It doesn’t make any sense in term of pure impact performance. Consumers are not dumb, thus the market really need to build new approaches, other ways to communicate to their target, create a more attractive link, a stronger one, and stimulate the consumption principle thanks to innovative solutions, developed from a bigger picture.

TicklerMAG™ is one of them! By choosing to publish only good news, fun and happiness, with a real quality content to discover, we are proposing the “Positive Way” as a strong marketing option for efficiency. It is a real niche, and our several surveys have showed a real interest manifested by people from all SEC, but majorly by the categories: C+ and B, which will be our target reader, by a geographic control of our personalized distribution. Our goal is -by spreading good mood- to put our reader in “good mental disposition” To create a link based on the affect and the interest, more than his/her capability to spend his/her money as a blind consumer. Our readers will be open to suggestions, because relaxed and happy. Thus, your ad -and it is our formal on guarantee- will have a maximum impact in term of market penetration, by reaching the ultimate point of it. And this impact will always be accepted and assimilated in the brain of your target as positive and good, which is a huge ROI parameter in any communication plan, and usually a very good way for sustaining a strong notoriety in time.

No need to be a graduate from Harvard to understand this very human principle, and no need of some fancy graphics or brilliant statistics for commenting it! Perception matters way more than anything else when it comes to advertisement, because most of the time, people are not “Reading it” or even look at it deliberately (except particular and factual interest) They just seeing it, absorbing it as a sub-information, during an emotional process of self-entertainment. So, it is quite easy to catch the advantage of our TicklerMAG™ concept for any advertiser who will always been welcomed and positively assimilated, thanks to the specificity and attractiveness of our content.

TicklerMAG™ management Team